James Brown album TV commercial from the 1970s


My first introduction to the music of James Brown came from this 1978 TV commercial for a Brown “best-of” album. While I remember being impressed with how “hard” this music sounded, I think what I most remember about this ad was the cartoon scene of two female butts in short shorts doing the bump while Brown shrieked “Hot Pants!!!!” over and over again.  There are some other interesting “special effects” in this spot as well.  This is 1970s advertising cheese at its finest.

“Freedom Rock” Album commercial from the 1980s


Here’s the other infamous American compilation commercial from the 1980s. Yes, folks, this is the “Freedom Rock” ad … in all of its 2-minute glory. C’mon … you know the dril:

Opening chords of “Layla” ….

Hippie 1: Hey, man, is that Freedom Rock?

Hippie 2: Yeah, man.

Hippie 1: Well, turn it up!!!

And yes, like “Hey Love,” I kind of wish I had this album.  “The ink is black … the page is white …”

“Hey Love” Album commercial from the 1980s


Here’s the infamous American commercial from the 1980s about a superb soul music collection that ends with this immortal passage:

Man 1: This is a FANTASTIC album, man. Let me borrow it …

Man 2: No-oh, my brother, you’ve got to buy your own.

All kidding aside, I actually wish I had a copy of “Hey Love.”