“Female Trouble” – Mink Stole


Actress Mink Stole … who has starred in several John Waters films over the years … tries her hand at singing and the results are terrific! “Female Trouble” is her take on the theme song from Waters’ 1974 film of the same name and her slow, sultry take goes down well with a fine bourbon. I posted another song from Mink at the start of the year, “Sometimes I Wish I Had a Gun,” which is similarly stunning.


Now, both songs, along with several others are available on Mink’s first (and hopefully, not last) CD, “Do Re Mink” which is available for download on iTunes or on Mink’s website:


A really wonderful selection of tunes for when you’re feeling especially bad … but in a good way.

“I Predict” – Sparks


Another KROQ-FM favorite. This was actually a Top 100 hit for the American band Sparks (who barely had any chart action in the US, but were huge in England). The accompanying video was allegedly directed by David Lynch (of all people). I say allegedly, because I originally read something that he only produced the clip, but now I’m reading he directed it. (If someone can clear this up, I’ll gladly edit this entry to set the record straight).

Anyway, you may want to turn the bass down on this one because the heavy percussion will blow your speakers. And considering Lynch is involved with this video, it’s more than a little disturbing. Unless, of course, you like seeing a pale skinny guy in a Hitler mustache do a striptease wearing women’s lingerie.

From the album “Angst in my Pants” (one of the best album titles of all-time). More fun trivia: Sparks performed this on SNL back in 1982 … when SNL still showed some adventurous spirit when selecting their musical acts.

“Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?” – Gleaming Spires


Chalk this up to fallout from watching the great Rodney Bingenheimer documentary “Mayor of the Sunset Strip” recently, but I’m in a very KROQ-FM mood right now. Most people know this song from the soundtracks of two iconic 1980s films (“The Last American Virgin” and “Revenge of the Nerds”), but this was one of the songs you could hear in heavy rotation on KROQ-FM (from Los Angeles) back in the early 1980s.

If you’re a fan of Sirius First Wave, you must check out KROQ2, the HD version of KROQ that plays NOTHING but New Wave and (some) Punk from 1977-1985. It’s available on a lot of internet radio apps.

“White Cops on Dope” – N.W.H. with Ric Ocasek


OK … this will likely only be interesting if you’re an EXTREMELY die hard music, comedy, and film geek. But this is a by-product of the rap “This is Spinal Tap” film “Fear of a Black Hat” from 1994. Director Rusty Cundieff decided to parody the collaboration between rappers and rockers (aka Run DMC/Aerosmith doing “Walk That Way”) by doing a version of the Tubes’ “White Punks on Dope” as “White Cops on Dope” … collaborating with the Cars’ Ric Ocasek. This did not make the final film, but managed to wind up as a special feature on the DVD.

Seriously, this is music / film / comedy geekiness on such an extreme level that only a very select few will appreciate this. If you don’t want to join the party, I understand. But if you can appreciate this on any one of these levels, I’ll not only buy you a drink but indulge you in more “bonus” material than you’d ever hope to enjoy in a lifetime. Embrace your inner music / film / comedy geek my little babies and drink the Kool-Aid!!!!

“Bloodstains” – Agent Orange


This is “Bloodstains” by Agent Orange from the classic mini-LP “Living in Darkness.” I’m not sure if this video is from the Bones Brigade skate video that was dubbed relentlessly back in the mid-1980s by people I don’t remember. I swear that my copy fell off the back of a truck and I watched this only once before throwing it away after realizing that I was watching a dubbed video.

“Turbobitch” – The 69 Eyes


Yes, there are bands that aspire to sound like a cross between Motorhead and the Stooges … because that’s what comes naturally to them. The 69 Eyes are from Finland and this song is from 1997. How this awesome band escaped my notice is beyond me.

From the album “Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams” (named … I think … after an ultra-cool Nico song from 1967).