“White Cops on Dope” – N.W.H. with Ric Ocasek

OK … this will likely only be interesting if you’re an EXTREMELY die hard music, comedy, and film geek. But this is a by-product of the rap “This is Spinal Tap” film “Fear of a Black Hat” from 1994. Director Rusty Cundieff decided to parody the collaboration between rappers and rockers (aka Run DMC/Aerosmith doing “Walk That Way”) by doing a version of the Tubes’ “White Punks on Dope” as “White Cops on Dope” … collaborating with the Cars’ Ric Ocasek. This did not make the final film, but managed to wind up as a special feature on the DVD.

Seriously, this is music / film / comedy geekiness on such an extreme level that only a very select few will appreciate this. If you don’t want to join the party, I understand. But if you can appreciate this on any one of these levels, I’ll not only buy you a drink but indulge you in more “bonus” material than you’d ever hope to enjoy in a lifetime. Embrace your inner music / film / comedy geek my little babies and drink the Kool-Aid!!!!

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