“Female Trouble” – Mink Stole


Actress Mink Stole … who has starred in several John Waters films over the years … tries her hand at singing and the results are terrific! “Female Trouble” is her take on the theme song from Waters’ 1974 film of the same name and her slow, sultry take goes down well with a fine bourbon. I posted another song from Mink at the start of the year, “Sometimes I Wish I Had a Gun,” which is similarly stunning.


Now, both songs, along with several others are available on Mink’s first (and hopefully, not last) CD, “Do Re Mink” which is available for download on iTunes or on Mink’s website:


A really wonderful selection of tunes for when you’re feeling especially bad … but in a good way.

Thank you!

Dave’s Strange World just had its 1,000th visitor. For all of those who have chosen to follow the blog, thrown up a like, or have just chosen to lurk, thank you for all of your support.

I wish I had a cool tune to express my gratitude, but I already posted Sam and Dave’s “I Thank You.” Zeppelin’s “Thank You” is a little too corny, so please enjoy the Frogmen doing their classic rockin’ surf tune “Underwater” which filmmaker John Waters put to good use in 1974’s “Female Trouble.”

“Underwater” – The Frogmen


A great surf-rock tune that would have been relegated to the dust-heap of pop-culture had it not been used in John Waters’s 1974 film “Female Trouble” during the montage of Divine’s Dawn Davenport’s character marriage to Gator. A tune too bizarre to be bustin’ surfboards to, but damn, I’m glad it exists. Love the piano on this track.