“Freedom Rock” Album commercial from the 1980s


Here’s the other infamous American compilation commercial from the 1980s. Yes, folks, this is the “Freedom Rock” ad … in all of its 2-minute glory. C’mon … you know the dril:

Opening chords of “Layla” ….

Hippie 1: Hey, man, is that Freedom Rock?

Hippie 2: Yeah, man.

Hippie 1: Well, turn it up!!!

And yes, like “Hey Love,” I kind of wish I had this album.  “The ink is black … the page is white …”

“Punk” compilation CD (1990s era TV commercial)


I can’t tell if this is the most boneheaded example of corporate marketing ever or deadpan comedic genius on the level of Andy Kaufman. It’s likely the former, but if you were a comedian trying to design something that would make hipsters lose their collective minds, you couldn’t do any better than this TV ad. Even better than the infamous “Freedom Rock” commercials of the late 1980s.