“Freedom Rock” Album commercial from the 1980s


Here’s the other infamous American compilation commercial from the 1980s. Yes, folks, this is the “Freedom Rock” ad … in all of its 2-minute glory. C’mon … you know the dril:

Opening chords of “Layla” ….

Hippie 1: Hey, man, is that Freedom Rock?

Hippie 2: Yeah, man.

Hippie 1: Well, turn it up!!!

And yes, like “Hey Love,” I kind of wish I had this album.  “The ink is black … the page is white …”

“Little Wing” – Derek and the Dominos


“Layla” may be the best-known song from Eric Clapton’s and Duane Allman’s pseudonymous 1970 band Derek and the Domino’s “Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs” album. While it’s a great song, unfortunately, it’s power has been greatly diminished (at least for me) over the years due to endless replays on classic rock radio and other places.  Though, Martin Scorsese did redeem it somewhat through its use in “Goodfellas” but I digress …

For my money, their cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” is the highlight of the album. I’ve never heard hard rock sound so damn sad, but not in a grandiose “Pink Floyd The Wall” type way. This may be just the blues … but it’s played with such incredible power and sorrow. Clapton was in a bad way (emotionally and healthwise) when he recorded this and you can feel it.