“Feels Like a Woman” – The Troggs


I’m warning all of you. Hide your wives … hide your girlfriends … hide your daughters … hide your grandmothers … and while you’re at it … hide your cats, your dogs, your sheep, your socks, the flank steak in the fridge …

Because the Troggs are in town … and they WILL hook up with something. There’s no profanity in this song from 1972, but this has got to be one of the dirtiest, filthiest, sleaziest songs ever recorded. I love Iggy Pop, but he never sounded quite this nasty. For those who love this kind of thing, one of the greatest knuckle-dragging anthems of all-time.  Even if you’re a guy, when they sneer “Get ’em all!” you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing steel underwear.

“I Can’t Control Myself” – The Troggs

Is this garage punk?  Is this bubblegum?  Is it some hybrid?  Or something weirder or more sinister?  Seriously, when the beat hits this hard, the guitars drive home the clunky beats even further, and the vocalist contemptuously sneers the leering lyrics, does it really matter?  What else would you expect from the creators of “Wild Thing”?  Any way you slice it, this is some seriously cool s–t!!