“I Can’t Control Myself” – The Troggs

Is this garage punk?  Is this bubblegum?  Is it some hybrid?  Or something weirder or more sinister?  Seriously, when the beat hits this hard, the guitars drive home the clunky beats even further, and the vocalist contemptuously sneers the leering lyrics, does it really matter?  What else would you expect from the creators of “Wild Thing”?  Any way you slice it, this is some seriously cool s–t!!

3 thoughts on ““I Can’t Control Myself” – The Troggs

  1. It’s a little confusing to read the likes of Lester Bangs (and your good self) praise the Troggs as in the UK they were by no means considered cool at any time. I can understand the effect the early singles had on American radio but they were regarded as hicks from the sticks in their odd stripey suits over here.
    Similarly the story in “Death Proof” about Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky,Mick and Tich jars a little as they were indeed the naffest of the naff.

    The Troggs pop-psyche 45 “Night of the Long Grass ” is interesting.

  2. Not intrusive at all and thanks for the share. “Night of the Long Grass” is an interesting track and I especially like the album cover on the YouTube video. It’s definitely a very odd and unintentionally funny concept.

    I can’t think of an American band considered cool in Britain, but not in the USA. Sparks comes to mind, but while they had some big hits in Britain, I don’t want to presume they were ever considered cool in your home country. The Pixies are another band that was huge in England, but not so much in the States. However, that analogy doesn’t fit either, because while the Pixies were never popular here, they were considered extremely cool and influential on this side of the pond. I guess Anglophilia strikes again.

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