“Feels Like a Woman” – The Troggs


I’m warning all of you. Hide your wives … hide your girlfriends … hide your daughters … hide your grandmothers … and while you’re at it … hide your cats, your dogs, your sheep, your socks, the flank steak in the fridge …

Because the Troggs are in town … and they WILL hook up with something. There’s no profanity in this song from 1972, but this has got to be one of the dirtiest, filthiest, sleaziest songs ever recorded. I love Iggy Pop, but he never sounded quite this nasty. For those who love this kind of thing, one of the greatest knuckle-dragging anthems of all-time.  Even if you’re a guy, when they sneer “Get ’em all!” you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing steel underwear.