“Easy Eggs” – Life in a Blender

Life in a Blender are an extremely cool band that could best be described as Camper Van Beethoven and Tom Waits getting Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers really, really drunk … though even that doesn’t do them justice.  They may be quirky, but while I realize the adjective “quirky” can be a negative these days, trust me when I say they are quirky in the BEST way.  They’re terrific musicians with unconventional skewed lyrics and I’m not quite sure my lame analogy above even remotely does them justice.  The best thing I can say about them is that they are true originals and their style is next-to-impossible to copy or duplicate.  My biggest surprise is that they’ve been around since the 1990s and I haven’t heard of them until this past week.  In any case, you’re encouraged to check them out … specifically on Dave’s Strange Radio, where they have been generously thrown into rotation.

“Take the Skinheads Bowling” – Camper Van Beethoven


I know this seems to reek of the “ironic quirky alternative culture from hell” that most rational (aka real) people roll their eyes at. However, it also presents a nice, alternative, and (dare I say it) utopian view of the way things should be in a better world. You can sneer about this all you want to, but being a perpetual curmudgeon only works if you have the wit and talent of W.C. Fields or Groucho Marx. Since this doesn’t apply to 99.99% of the population, you’re better off buying into the sunnier approach. From the 1985 album “Telephone Free Landslide Victory.”

“Mr. Wrong” – Cracker

More quality snark from Cracker. I don’t know why this wasn’t pushed as a single back in the day, other than the fact that it was too “country sounding” for alternative radio (does anybody but me see the irony in that last observation?). Hopefully, some country singer will cover this and get Mr. Lowery and gang the royalties they’ve deserved over the years. Seriously, Nashville brothers and sisters, this has #1 smash written all over it.

“Teen Angst” – Cracker

Back in the 1990s, irony and sarcasm came in such heavy quantities, that if you were going to go that route musically, you needed to be really clever and/or have a great band to back up your snark. Fortunately, for Cracker back in the early 1990s, they had it in spades. You may not realize this from the video, but Cracker was one of the five best bands I’ve ever seen live.