“Mr. Wrong” – Cracker

More quality snark from Cracker. I don’t know why this wasn’t pushed as a single back in the day, other than the fact that it was too “country sounding” for alternative radio (does anybody but me see the irony in that last observation?). Hopefully, some country singer will cover this and get Mr. Lowery and gang the royalties they’ve deserved over the years. Seriously, Nashville brothers and sisters, this has #1 smash written all over it.

“Teen Angst” – Cracker

Back in the 1990s, irony and sarcasm came in such heavy quantities, that if you were going to go that route musically, you needed to be really clever and/or have a great band to back up your snark. Fortunately, for Cracker back in the early 1990s, they had it in spades. You may not realize this from the video, but Cracker was one of the five best bands I’ve ever seen live.