Seth Rogen v. Ray Liotta in “Observe and Report” (2009) dir. Jody Hill


One of the greatest fight scenes in recent film history from Jody Hill’s terminally sick and brilliant comedy “Observe and Report.” Seth Rogen’s mentally ill mall cop does battle with real cop Ray Liotta and several of Ray Liotta’s fellow cops in a fight to the finish … with Queen’s incredibly cool hard rock anthem “The Hero” from the 1980 cheese film classic “Flash Gordon” playing full blast behind the mayhem.

“It’s Late” – Queen


Forget “Bohemian Rhapsody.” “It’s Late” should be THE Queen song that’s played ad nauseum on classic rock radio. This is pure, balls-to-the-wall, non-campy hard rock that will peel the paint off the walls. That relentless multi-layered lead guitar sound by Brian May feels like a wool sweater in hell. And let’s not forget that cataclysmic drum sound by Roger Taylor that will shake your molars. Totally epic in every sense of the word. Allegedly this was a favorite of Kurt Cobain’s (given its presence in the Kurt Cobain documentary “About a Son”). It was also put to great use in Jody Hill’s brilliantly demented comedy “Observe and Report.” From the 1977 album “News of the World.”

“The Man” – Patto

A gem from the soundtrack of Jody Hill’s beyond twisted 2009 mall cop film “Observe and Report.” This is a slow-boil blues/psychedelic number from an obscure 1970 artist named “Patto.” If it seems like nothing special at first, please stay with it, because it explodes at the end into some terrific scream-singing and crunchy guitar work.  By the way, aside from Martin Scorsese, PT Anderson, and Wes Anderson, there is no filmmaker who assembles a better and cooler rock soundtrack than Jody Hill.  I’ve been checking out Hill’s “Eastbound and Down” HBO show on DVD and my favorite MC5 song “Miss X” made a very prominent cameo.