“The Man” – Patto

A gem from the soundtrack of Jody Hill’s beyond twisted 2009 mall cop film “Observe and Report.” This is a slow-boil blues/psychedelic number from an obscure 1970 artist named “Patto.” If it seems like nothing special at first, please stay with it, because it explodes at the end into some terrific scream-singing and crunchy guitar work.  By the way, aside from Martin Scorsese, PT Anderson, and Wes Anderson, there is no filmmaker who assembles a better and cooler rock soundtrack than Jody Hill.  I’ve been checking out Hill’s “Eastbound and Down” HBO show on DVD and my favorite MC5 song “Miss X” made a very prominent cameo.

3 thoughts on ““The Man” – Patto

  1. Blimey Dave you were on one last night. A lot of fine music that i will check out through a leisurely Sunday.
    My crew are currently trapped in the early 70s as a golden age of British rock. Patto are included in this. Mike Patto & his band were Timebox, a soul band, before they “went heavy” as we used to say. The guitarist, Ollie Halsall has a fine rep from his work with Kevin Ayers. Drummer, John Halsey, made a significant contribution to our wonderful pop culture with his portrayal of Barry Wom (a hero) in “The Rutles”. Halsall is Leppo, the 5th Rutle & played the guitar on the songs.
    There is an impressive clip on Y-tube of a couple of songs from French TV. Their finest tune is “Turn Turtle”, a hectic rush from the magnificently titled “Roll Em, Smoke Em, Put Another Line Out”.
    I will check for “Observe & Report”. “Eastbound & Down” is the only US comedy series I have been able to watch recently & I really like “The Foot Fist Way”. While I am here, just what is the appeal of “Two Broke Girls”, “New Girl”, “How I Met Your Mother” & others ? I do try but these things stink up my living room. Will there be no more “Curb Your Enthusiasm” ?

  2. Thanks for the information on Patto, as well as Timebox. I will definitely to check this stuff out later. “Observe and Report” is twisted, funny, and beyond politically incorrect and if you like Hill’s other stuff, you’ll probably like it as well.

    “Curb” and “Eastbound” are superior half-hour comedies (I hesitate to call them sitcoms). However, the reason why they’re so great is that they’re from American cable TV networks (HBO produced “Curb” and “Eastbound”) and the cable networks tend to produce edgier (both in terms of content and style) shows. The networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX) occasionally produce very good half-hour comedies (“30 Rock” and “Parks and Recreation” come to mind), but most are pretty lame. “Modern Family” (an ABC show) isn’t bad, but its mockumentary style often makes it seem edgier than it actually is (the style is edgy, but the content is standard sitcom stuff, despite some decent acting by the cast).

    You couldn’t make me go near “New Girl,” even with someone else’s eyes. I can’t stand Zooey Deschanel’s “neurotic-klutzy-kooky-wacky-nutty gal” persona that she’s cornered the market on. I’m sure she’s a terrific person in real life and maybe one day she’ll surprise me acting wise, but for now, that schtick really puts me on edge. I don’t mind a little “quirky,” but most women I know that are like Deschanel’s character are beyond annoying and not charming … at all!

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