“Odd Rod” – The Goddamn Gentlemen

One band I am sad to discover much too late is Portland, Oregon’s The Goddamn Gentlemen.  This is one of the best bands never recorded by Crypt Records, equal to the New Bomb Turks, the Oblivians and every other gunk-punk genius who kicked complete a– back in the 1990s and 2000s.   Both of their brilliant albums (“Sex Caliber Horsepower” and “Chariots of Fire Spitting Cobras”) can still be sought out.  If you love nasty, molar-rattling punk, it’s well worth your while seeking these out.  Oh, and both albums are in heavy rotation over at Dave’s Strange Radio.

“Well I …” – The Candy Snatchers


Some primo 1990s gunk-punk from Norfolk, VA. The Candy Snatchers, along with such bands as The New Bomb Turks and The Oblivians, were an important part of a defiantly lo-fi punk movement from the 1990s that belched and farted all over the corporate “alternative nation” that erupted thanks to Nirvana’s success. These were bands who just rocked out with little regard to digital recording or political correctness and epitomized everything that corporate alternative bands claimed to be.