“Well I …” – The Candy Snatchers


Some primo 1990s gunk-punk from Norfolk, VA. The Candy Snatchers, along with such bands as The New Bomb Turks and The Oblivians, were an important part of a defiantly lo-fi punk movement from the 1990s that belched and farted all over the corporate “alternative nation” that erupted thanks to Nirvana’s success. These were bands who just rocked out with little regard to digital recording or political correctness and epitomized everything that corporate alternative bands claimed to be.

“Hate to Say I Told You So” – The Hives

For a brief period during the early – mid 2000s, lo-fi garage punk seemed like the “the next big thing.”  While the genre had been around for years, the White Stripes brought it to the mainstream and achieved huge commercial success, surprisingly with little-to-no commercial polish present.  Seriously, those White Stripes recordings from that period sound like they came directly from the Crypt Records catalog.  The Hives (from Sweden)  were another band from that period everyone expected to be big and while they achieved some recognition, it wasn’t on the level of the Stripes.  Still, their music was truly wonderfully grungy stuff.   10 years later, this still packs a punch.  And it’s nice to see they’re carrying on the fine Swedish pop band tradition by wearing matching suits.