“Deadly Doris” – Can

From the recent Can anthology “The Lost Tapes,” here’s a gem from the late 1960s that would not have been out of place on the classic “Monster Movie” album.  As with all Can songs, I have no idea what meaning the lyrics have, but the punk/jazz/psychedelic groove wins out.

“Uphill” – Can


This is a song from what was supposed to be the German rock band Can’s debut album in 1968, when Malcolm Mooney was lead singer. The tracks did not attract interest, so they wrote “more accessible” tracks which resulted in the immensely awesome “Monster Movie” album in 1969. The early demos were later released in the “Delay” compilation in 1981. “Uphill” is a particularly awesome track from that compilation.

“Yoo Doo Right” – Can

I’ve always dug this mellow, but disturbing extended 20-minute+ jam by Krautrock pioneers Can (edited down from 6 hours!).  From their great psychedelic jazz punk album from 1969, “Monster Movie,” comes “You Doo Right.”  The best way to listen to this is just to turn it on and do something else.  The song’s creepy vibe will eventually get to you.  “I was blind, now I can see!  You made a believer outta me!”