“Yoo Doo Right” – Can

I’ve always dug this mellow, but disturbing extended 20-minute+ jam by Krautrock pioneers Can (edited down from 6 hours!).  From their great psychedelic jazz punk album from 1969, “Monster Movie,” comes “You Doo Right.”  The best way to listen to this is just to turn it on and do something else.  The song’s creepy vibe will eventually get to you.  “I was blind, now I can see!  You made a believer outta me!”

2 thoughts on ““Yoo Doo Right” – Can

  1. Back in the mists of time I went to a football match rather than attend a gig by Can supported by Cheech & Chong ! I had to spend the next week hearing how I had missed a special and unique night. I try to live a life without regret and it can be tough sometimes.
    This year’s release of the 3CD “Lost Tapes” caused quite a fuss around these parts as there are more than a few fans of German rock. The guy who found this 2010 meeting of Neu & Sonic Youth is still basking in his deserved glory.

  2. Can … AND Cheech and Chong! Wow, that’s quite a match-up and would have probably been a hell of a show. However, don’t feel too bad about missing the gig. I blew off opportunities to see the Pixies (Bossanova tour), Sonic Youth (during the Goo tour), and Nirvana (post-Bleach/pre-Nevermind) for reasons too lame to get into. Thanks for posting the Neu! / Sonic Youth link. It’s starting my morning off quite nicely.

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