“Have I The Right?” – The Honeycombs

Forget post-modernism or post-irony.  Has there ever been an un-selfconsciously dorky band than The Honeycombs?  If there is, let me know, because these guys (and gal) are AWESOME!  Sweet lord, that percussion!  That weird twangy organ / guitar / whatever in the background that could only have come from producer Joe Meek!  This song was apparently a huge hit in the mid-1960s, but I only heard it for the first time a month ago (on Sirius’s Underground Garage) and can’t get the damn thing out of my head.   Discoveries like this make me happy that I can keep digging deeper into the past instead of reconciling myself to modern-day shite like Nickleback (I realize that people love to dogpile on Nickleback these days, which kind of makes me want to find something to like about them … but, seriously I can’t … they are so F–KING awful and gross!!!!!  and not even in a cool and ironic way … they’re F–KING appalling!).