“Have I The Right?” – The Honeycombs

Forget post-modernism or post-irony.  Has there ever been an un-selfconsciously dorky band than The Honeycombs?  If there is, let me know, because these guys (and gal) are AWESOME!  Sweet lord, that percussion!  That weird twangy organ / guitar / whatever in the background that could only have come from producer Joe Meek!  This song was apparently a huge hit in the mid-1960s, but I only heard it for the first time a month ago (on Sirius’s Underground Garage) and can’t get the damn thing out of my head.   Discoveries like this make me happy that I can keep digging deeper into the past instead of reconciling myself to modern-day shite like Nickleback (I realize that people love to dogpile on Nickleback these days, which kind of makes me want to find something to like about them … but, seriously I can’t … they are so F–KING awful and gross!!!!!  and not even in a cool and ironic way … they’re F–KING appalling!).

2 thoughts on ““Have I The Right?” – The Honeycombs

  1. “Have I The Right” is truly awful. Even though I was only 11 years old I knew that there was something drastically wrong here. I have never been the biggest fan of the work of Joe Meek, innovative yes, I just did not like the songs. In retaliation for bringing this back to my attention I was going to send you “Hab Ich Das Recht”, a truly scary German version by the band.
    Instead here’s a contribution to your collection of British 60s dork rock. The not so splendid Applejacks who had a different gimmick to the Honeycombs in that their female member played the bass.

  2. I can’t tell if the Applejacks’ vocalist is really that way or if it’s videotape warping over time. In any case, thanks. I’ll see your Applejacks and raise you the Dead Kennedys doing their cover of “Have I The Right?”

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