“Physical (You’re So)” – Adam & The Ants

I first heard this as a bonus track on Nine Inch Nails’ pulverizing 1992 EP “Broken.”  I thought this was an original and found out much later it was actually a cover of an Adam & The Ants song.  I checked out the Ants’ version, fully expecting it to be in the same mode of their other music:  upbeat, percussion-heavy pop.  All I can is that I was WAAAAY off-base in my assumption.  Adam & The Ants must have been listening to Killing Joke and Public Image Ltd. back in the day, because this is really, really heavy and intense.  In fact, it almost sounds like … you guessed it … Nine Inch Nails, but nearly 10 years before Nine Inch Nails.

“Vive Le Rock” – Adam Ant


In 1985, Adam Ant finally hooked up with THE definitive 70s glitter rock producer (Tony Visconti) and came up with a song that rivals classic Bowie and T. Rex (two acts that Visconti produced during their creative and professional peaks). “Vive Le Rock” has the perfect mix of heavy, layered guitars and pop hooks. It’s a song that should’ve been a monster hit (and probably would have, had it been released in 1973), but wasn’t. Fortunately, most Adam Ant “greatest hits” collections since then have the good taste to include this.