“Gotta Getta” – The Undertones


The band that was first known as the Irish Ramones delivers a gem from their classic self-titled debut album. This may not be as well-known as “Teenage Kicks” or “Jimmy Jimmy,” but it was always one of my favorites. And it accomplishes all that it needs to in just under 2 minutes.


“A Good Heart” – Maria McKee


Maria McKee was lead singer of an 80s band called Lone Justice that everyone expected to break big and never quite did, despite a couple of minor hits. She had a few hits in Europe, but her greatest success was writing “A Good Heart” for former Undertones lead singer Feargal Sharkey. Sharkey’s version was a #1 smash in England in 1985. McKee would cover the song occasionally in concert, but didn’t record her own version until 2007. It was a very smart move. McKee has always had a great voice, but it’s gotten way better as she’s gotten older. As a result, this song has way more resonance. (If you buy me a beer, I’ll recite the above in a Casey Kasem voice with lots of dramatic pauses).