“Total Eclipse of the Heart” – The Dan Band


This may be a bit shopworn, but I still think this is pretty funny/awesome. The Dan Band covers Bonnie Tyler/Jim Steinman’s overblown Wagnerian ballad from the early 1980s, only with lots of f-bombs thrown in as punctuation. This first became famous through its appearance in the Todd Phillips’ comedy “Old School.”

GG Allin on the Jane Whitney Show (1993)

Do you remember participating in gross-out contests when you were younger?  For example, someone would hock up a loogie full of spit and throat mucus and say “Top that.”  The winner would then pull out a straw.  (Joke borrowed from “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane”).  Poop-eating, self-mutilating GG Alllin was the ultimate example of this phenomenon in the rock and roll world.  GG took the nihilistic on-stage antics of Iggy Pop and took them to even farther extremes.  Aside from eating his own human waste, throwing it at the audience, or smearing it on his body, he would also physically assault his audience … randomly beating the snot out of people, cutting himself up, dragging women onstage by the hair … you get the picture, right?

Anyway, towards the end of his life in 1993, GG started getting more and more mainstream exposure. He was discussed on both Howard Stern’s and Rush Limbaugh’s radio shows. He was the subject of a really good documentary by then-NYU film student Todd Phillips called “Hated” (Phillips later became a multi-millionaire Hollywood mogul when he directed “Road Trip,” “Old School,” and the blockbuster “Hangover” series.)  Also, GG made appearances on many talk shows including “The Jerry Springer Show,” “Geraldo,” and “The Jane Whitney Show.”  While his appearances were always memorable, there’s something about his “Jane Whitney Show” appearance that was particularly stellar, even for GG.  This is GG meeting middle America with all the hysterical overreaction that you would expect from a middle-of-the-road audience.  Yes, as a parent, I do find this troubling, but it’s also one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  It truly is a John Waters film come to life.

Unfortunately, I can not find clips of his complete appearance.  But what’s here from YouTube is pretty funny.  For obvious reasons, not safe for work.