“Will You Love Me Tomorrow?” – Bryan Ferry


Bryan Ferry’s unique and eerie cover of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow?”  I say eerie because there’s a sense of unease throughout this version that’s postively chilling.

Considering that the accompanying video from 1993 features Ferry crooning to Anna Nicole Smith, maybe he knew something that the public wouldn’t find out until years later.  All kidding aside, Smith is quite beautiful here and it’s a sad reminder of what she looked like before she became a pop culture joke / tragedy.

Vic Ferrari … Man of Action!


One of my favorite TV characters was Andy Kaufman’s sweet, but clumsy Eastern European garage mechanic Latka Gavras on the the terrific late 1970s/early 1980s situation comedy “Taxi.” One of my favorite arcs on the show was when Latka, frustrated with his lack of success with women, started reading Playboy magazine. Latka not only buys the Playboy philosophy hook, line, and sinker, but transforms completely into the smug, hip 1970s ladies man Vic Ferrari.

This clip is not the best quality but it’s still watchable.