“Touch Me I’m Sick” – Mudhoney


Now this is GRUNGE, you sons of bitches! Yes, Nirvana did a great job doing the grunge thing, but “Touch Me, I’m Sick” is what defined the sound … all the way back in 1988. This is Mudhoney’s debut single on Sub Pop and it’s every bit the classic people claim it is. The fact that it’s 25 years old makes me feel very very old this evening.

“Aneurysm” (Live) – Nirvana

Let’s get this straight once and for all. Just because Nirvana recorded for a Seattle label (SubPop) doesn’t make them a Seattle band. Nirvana was an Olympia band. Kurt wrote “Bleach” and “Nevermind” in the hovel that was one block away from where my dear wife worked for almost two years. This is my favorite track from my favorite Nirvana album (“Live at Reading”).