“Raining Blood” – Slayer vs. Tori Amos

Here’s two great versions of the same song …

The first is the original speed/death metal classic by Slayer from their 1986 “Reign in Blood” album:

The second is a more subdued, but no less creepy cover by Tori Amos, from her terrific 2001 album “Strange Little Girls”:

Look, I love me some Slayer … but I have to give the edge to Ms. Amos.

“Time” – Tom Waits


One of my favorite Tom Waits songs. The imagery evoked in this song is vivid and amazing. From Waits’s 1985 classic album “Rain Dogs.”

FYI, Tori Amos recorded a very nice cover in 2001 for her “Strange Little Girls” album, which I posted about here:


“I’m Not in Love” – Tori Amos

Another unusual and great cover from Amos’s “Strange Little Girls” album. This time, it’s a really creepy and sinister (almost Nine Inch Nails-like) take on 10CC’s 1975 hit “I’m Not in Love.” Much better and more interesting than the decent, but straightforward one done by The Pretenders for the “Indecent Proposal” soundtrack, circa 1993.