“I Can’t Live Without My Radio” – LL Cool J


The rap version of the Dead Boys’ “Sonic Reducer.” This is a song about someone whose self-worth is based on how loud he can play his music. It may be annoying, but it’s just someone who needs to show the world they matter. It may be misguided, but it’s sincere. Fortunately, this song (like “Sonic Reducer”) is awesome to crank in any way you see fit. From the classic 1985 album “Radio.”


“Sonic Reducer” – Dead Boys (live from CBGB’s 1977)


The signature song from the premiere Cleveland bad boys of punk. This is a ferocious performance captured live at NYC’s legendary punk club CBGB’s in 1977. I’m not quite sure what this song is about, but I’ve always thought it was about someone who felt small in their life who felt bigger by blasting music from their car, their home, etc. as a way to show they’re significant and that they mean something. I try to remember this every time I get annoyed by someone who’s pumping their bass a bit too loudly when I’m stopped at a light. It’s just someone who needs to show the world they matter. It’s misguided to be sure, but it’s sincere.  Probably the same reason Pearl Jam relentlessly covered this song for several years in concert.