“Guts” (Live in Seattle KEXP-FM’s studio, 12-5-12) – John Cale


Holy … f–king … s–t! This is a beyond incredible rockin’ version of one of John Cale’s best and most intense songs, done live in the studio for KEXP-FM in Seattle in December 2012. This was originally recorded in 1975 for his “Slow Dazzle” album, and was allegedly about Cale’s extremely angry and homicidal thoughts about a colleague of his who hooked up with Cale’s then-wife. You’ll notice in this nearly 40-years later version, Cale changes the pronoun on the infamous opening line from “my” to “his.”

Please keep in mind that the man intensely rockin’ the mic is over 70 years old. The fact that I share Welsh blood with this man gives me hope for my impending “golden years.”