When Whitney Met Serge (1986) … the infamous meeting between Whitney Houston and Serge Gainsbourg


This is the infamous French TV clip when Whitney Houston appeared with the legendary (and whiskey soaked) French singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg on a talk show. Gainsbourg drunkenly … but clearly … describes what he wants to do with Whitney … in English. Whitney actually handled herself quite well, considering. Definitely one of the creepiest … and funniest … TV moments ever!

“Histoire De Melody Nelson” – Serge Gainsbourg


In its entirety, here’s the 28 minute long form music video French pop legend Serge Gainsbourg created for his mini-rock opera “Histoire De Melody Nelson” back in 1971. Visually and aurally light years ahead of it time, you can smell the whiskey and cigarette smoke through the screen. And because there’s lots of nude artwork throughout the piece, this is not safe for work. The woman playing Melodie was Ganisbourg’s then-wife Jane Birkin. Gainsbourg and Birkin’s daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg is now a respected actress, who won the 2009 Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival for her intense role in Lars Von Trier’s “Anti Christ.”

“Song to the Siren” – Bryan Ferry (live on the Jools Holland show, 12-11-2010)


An absolutely amazing cover of one of my all-time favorite songs. Given the subject matter, you would have thought that Ferry would have composed this song himself. However, it was written and performed by Tim Buckley in the late 1960s and Ferry’s version was from 2010.

Bryan Ferry just keeps getting better as he gets older. It’s almost like he’s been waiting his entire life to grow into the Serge Gainsbourg-like world-weary European gentleman he’s become. The studio version of “Siren” on Ferry’s “Olympia” album is stellar, but this live version is very special. Also, highly recommended is his 2007 album of Bob Dylan covers “Dylanesque.”