RIP, Al Goldstein


RIP, Al Goldstein, the clown prince of pornography.

Yes, the man was an unrepentant sleaze bag … but also a really, really funny and intelligent one. His long-running late night NYC cable public access show “Midnight Blue” always had me convulsing in hysterics, especially his legendary “F–k You!” segments where he went off on some hapless retailer, restaurant, or airline that offended him. Despite his intelligence, he sometimes had more balls than brains … and his own penchant for Nixon-esque self-destruction caused him to go down in flames back in the early 2000s. If I had a cigar tonight, I’d smoke it in his honor. Al, I hope you’re enjoying a pastrami on rye wherever you are.

The opening 8 seconds of this clip contain some nudity, but the remaining 9+ minutes is a compilation of terrific “F–k you!” rants from “Midnight Blue.” Due to language and other otherwise “adult” material, not safe for work or little ones.