A love song from Sam Kinison (from the 1987 comedy special “Breaking the Rules”)


Post-breakup songs can sometimes be mature and beautiful. “If You See Her Say Hello” by Bob Dylan and “I Remember You” by Steve Earle are probably the best of the “mature and beautiful” part of this genre.

And then  … there’s this song by Sam Kinison … recorded for the conclusion of his legendary and infamous 1987 HBO comedy special “Breaking the Rules.” As you can imagine, not safe for work or little ones. But hysterically funny.

Comedian Ralphie May on opening for Sam Kinison at age 17


There are many comedians with jaw-dropping Sam Kinison stories. And, trust me, ALL of these stories are jaw-dropping, because Sam, let’s be honest, was a total f–king maniac. But this story by Ralphie May is particularly funny, especially because he was only 17 at the time. This is one of my favorite stand-up crash-and-burn stories of all time. God bless Sam … and God bless Ralphie May, for that matter. Ralphie May has edged out a VERY VERY funny stand-up career in the years since.