“Rock Candy” – Montrose


I’ve always been a bit sheepish about admitting my love for this knuckle-dragging anthem of the early 1970s. Mostly because I’ve never been much of a fan of lead singer Sammy Hagar. However, I have to say Hagar delivers the goods here. Along with Nazareth’s “Hair of the Dog” and Foghat’s “Slow Ride,” this is my favorite bass-heavy, multi-layered guitar, nasal-draining hard rock song of the bell-bottom and ludes decade. I’m sure this is on some gentleman’s club all-time Top 10 and if it’s not, it damn well should be. No less a man of taste than post-punk legend Julian Cope raved about Montrose’s first album in his recent book “Copendium,” so at least I have good company.