“Germfree Adolescence” – Neneh Cherry


I always liked Neneh Cherry and thought she was a severely underrated performer. Here is an absolutely electrifying cover of the classic punk reggae song by X-Ray Spex. This is the best quality I could find online, but if you stay with it, I swear you will be richly rewarded. Cherry punks out quite energetically on this one and with the drums and bass slamming incredibly hard, you will be dancing around the room if you have a pulse.

“Germfree Adolescents” – X-Ray Spex


This unusual, reggae-influenced pop-punk song about germophobia hit the Top 20 in Britain back in 1978. Back then, most people probably thought it was a clever satire. Today, many people consider being a germophobe a badge of honor. Ai-yi-yi! Yesterday’s satire becomes today’s “And your point is?”

Neneh Cherry (“Buffalo Stance”) recorded a brilliant cover of this that’s floating around out there.