“Inside Out” (2015) dir. Pete Docter / Ronnie del Carmen

Just saw Pixar’s “Inside Out” … In a word: brilliant … Smart without being smart-alecky, funny without being pandering, sad without being maudlin, poignant without being cloying.  While it’s a film that safe for kids and that kids will enjoy, it is NOT a kids movie.  One of the best and most complex examinations I’ve ever seen in a film context about emotions, psychology, dreams, and growing up.  Incredibly deep and moving.  It’s a movie that will seriously make you reconsider your life.  The best Pixar movie ever made.  Yes, I said it.

“Up” (2009) dir. Pete Docter

One of the most moving portrayals of a marriage ever put on film was in Disney/Pixar’s 2009 Oscar-winning animated film “Up.”  The attached montage has no spoken words, and is a combination of two pivotal scenes from the film: one towards the beginning … the other towards the end.  However, both scenes bookend each other nicely and I’m glad someone put these two scenes together.  One of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen on film.  Warning: you will not have a dry eye watching this.