Jim Jefferies … God Walks into a Party …


Australian comedian Jim Jefferies provides a profane, but hysterically funny analogy of the inconsistencies of Biblical dogma by discussing God walking into a party and throwing his weight around like a drunken, power-mad Frank Sinatra in Vegas during the 1960s. Not safe for work, little ones, or for anyone who takes their religion too seriously. From his already classic comedy special “Fully Functional.”

“The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With At A Party” … From Saturday Night Live (2012)


Probably the funniest thing I’ve seen on SNL in years.   Really dumb people who think they’re smart is always one of my favorite comedic genres.  However, Cecily Strong positively nails it, from the deliberate, thick-tongued way of speaking to the distracted mannerisms to the strongly held convictions about concepts she has no clue about. Positively brilliant.