“The Girl I Knew Somewhere” – The Monkees


A great, underrated song by the Monkees that one rarely hears on oldies stations. This is accompanied by the original clip from the Monkees’ TV show, which, while cheesy, is nice to look at if you like looking at pretty women.  Forgive my knuckle-dragging on this one, but this was filmed during an era when women actually had curves and bodies that weren’t enhanced by chemicals or surgery.  And I must say, it’s rather nice.

“Cruisin'” – Michael Nesmith


Michael Nesmith is a true Renaissance man who has never completely gotten his due. In addition to being one of the original Monkees, Nesmith is a superlative singer-songwriter (he wrote Linda Ronstadt’s hit “Different Drum”), music video pioneer, film producer (he financed “Repo Man”), and media mogul.

“Cruisin’” was one of the first (if not THE first) music video I remember seeing, around 1981 or so. I saw this on HBO of all places (yes, HBO used to play music videos, usually between movies, but also on a 30-minute show called “Video Jukebox”). Very funny and weird song/video.