“Angel of the Morning” – Merrilee Rush and the Turnabouts


With the exception of PJ Harvey’s “Oh My Lover,” never has an overt sexual overture seemed so sad and tortured. It may even be more so, because Harvey’s song is art-rock and Rush’s song is supposed to be an AM-radio friendly pop song.

Key lyrics:
“Just call me angel of the morning, Angel … Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby … Just call me angel of the morning, Angel … Then slowly turn away from me”

Um … thanks … but I’ve got to catch up on “Murder, She Wrote” before turning in early.  Because … at best,  the offer to turn away from you is either going to lead to the kind of guilt you down shots to recover from … at worst, it’s going to lead to a scenario out of the Ben Folds Five song “Brick” (another terrific downer masterpiece) or lead to a boiled bunny when I’m returning home some night.

All kidding aside, a beautiful pop masterpiece and one of my all-time favorites.