“Satellite of Love” – Lou Reed from “Live: Take No Prisoners” (1978)


If you’ve been following Dave’s Strange World, you’ll know how much I revere Reed’s legendary/infamous live album “Take No Prisoners.” Many dismiss “Prisoners” as a stand-up comedy album because Reed takes the opportunity to occasionally p–s on his enemies in vicious verbal asides. This is not one of those moments.

This version of “Satellite of Live” is far from slick, but it’s certainly heartfelt. His backing band is stunning and the background singers are beyond awesome. The finale, which starts 4:35 into the song is absolutely incredible and should be played at maximum volume.

“Walk on the Wild Side” – Lou Reed from “Live: Take No Prisoners” (1978)

An almost 17-minute live version of “Walk on the Wild Side” where Reed takes various breaks to talk about the genesis of this rock classic, along with other topics that are on his mind or get on his nerves (i.e. rock critics).  A really funny and interesting analysis by an artist of his work.