John Landis interview from the “Kevin Pollak Chat Show”

This is a legendary, nearly 3-hour interview with film director John Landis from the Kevin Pollak Chat Show that is one of the best and most candid interviews I’ve ever seen with a director.  Landis directed some of the funniest movies ever made (“Kentucky Fried Movie,” “National Lampoon’s Animal House,” “The Blues Brothers,” “An American Werewolf in London,” “Trading Places,” “Coming to America”), some terrific documentaries (“Slasher” and “Mr. Warmth”), and arguably, the most famous music video of all time (“Michael Jackson’s Thriller”).  Landis has so many great, oftentimes extremely funny, tales of a career that spans almost 50 years … one that started when he was a teenager.   It’s a career that includes directing the likes of Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Don Rickles, and many others too numerous to mention.  I don’t know if everything he’s sharing is the truth, but even if 20% of what he says is true, he’s lived a more exciting life than pretty much anyone reading this right now.  The man is a great storyteller and this interview seems way shorter than it actually is.  If you’re a comedy or film nerd, you must watch this.

Phil Hendrie on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show


Here’s another in-depth interview with comic genius Phil Hendrie, this time by actor/comedian Kevin Pollak for his online talk show “The Kevin Pollak Chat Show.” I’m not sure when this interview was done, but it’s even more in-depth (and p–s your pants hysterical) than the terrific one I linked up last week that Marc Maron did with Hendrie.

For the uninitiated, Hendrie’s talk radio show is basically Hendrie playing himself as a frustrated straight-man radio host interviewing people who are … to put it kindly … some of the most repulsive, idiotic, insensitive, and delusional human beings who have ever existed. The catch is that Hendrie also plays the people he’s interviewing. The joke is on those in the audience who have no clue this is a joke and call in to mercilessly berate the interviewee.  The show is comic gold and is the best parody of talk radio you’ll ever experience.

If you’ve never heard Hendrie, this is the place to begin. Hendrie discusses in-depth into why he does he does and goes into the background of several of the characters he’s created on his legendary radio show. If you have heard of Hendrie and especially if you love him, this will be a lot of fun.

The interview is long (approximately 2 hours) … and doesn’t really start until about 22:45 into the program … , but I promise, it’s very entertaining and extremely funny. I should warn you that if you’re sensitive about … well … almost anything … Phil WILL offend you. His job for the last 20 + years has been finding everyone’s sensitive spot and creating a character that will jab a knife in it. Not safe for work or little ones, but I guarantee that you won’t have a better time being offended anywhere else.

And finally … damn, Kevin Pollak is a kick-ass interviewer!  But damn, that’s a LONG intro.