“I Dig You” – Boss Hog


Jon Spencer, his sexy spouse Cristina Martinez, and the rest of the Boss Hog gang get their Russ Meyer on with this homage to “Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!”

Jon: I dig your groovy hips!
Cristina: I dig your barbecued lips!

Yowsah! That has to be one exciting marriage. From Boss Hog’s self-titled major label debut in 1995.

“Winn Coma” – Boss Hog


More balls-to-the-wall mid 1990s punk rock, this time from Boss Hog, Jon Spencer’s other big band of the era (aside from the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion). Boss Hog not only featured terrifically abrasive guitar work from Spencer, but also some of the most ferocious vocals in all of rock and roll from Spencer’s spouse, the beautiful and sometimes nude Christina Martinez. Bang your head, indeed!

“2 Kindsa Love” – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion


When you’re invited to be on a big network youth television show, it’s always a good idea to shake things up a bit and be memorable. Here’s Jon Spencer and the Blues Explosion tearing it up on an Australian TV program from 1996 named “Recovery.” Exciting stuff. Makes me want to kick over some furniture, in fact.

“Criminal Inside Me” – R.L. Burnside


This is from Burnside’s great punk blues album “A Ass Pocket of Whiskey” from 1996, produced by the great Jon Spencer. A nice, malevolent groove, but loads of bad language on this one, so not work or family safe.

“Ski Bunny” – Boss Hog


I can not even begin to describe how refreshing it was to discover The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion back in the mid-1990s. During the height of painfully earnest grunge and alt-rock, the Blues Explosion only sang about how great they were and how they kicked ass on stage (and they did). They were like some weird cross between the Butthole Surfers and the Rolling Stones and they were beyond awesome.

However, Spencer’s other project at the time with his wife Christina Martinez, Boss Hog, may have even been better. I dare you not to frug violently while listening to this. There’s lots of F-bombs on this one, so not safe for work or little ones.