An Interview with Chip Chipperson by Jennifer Carmody (from the Carmody Central Podcast), April 15, 2014

Aside from Doug Stanhope, there’s no living comedian that’s more painfully honest than Jim Norton.  To say Norton is an open book is an understatement.  He frequently discusses his sex addiction, his numerous encounters with prostitutes, etc. without batting an eye.  And doesn’t care what you think … at all.  In fact, one of his stand-up specials was called “Please Be Offended” and one of his books was titled “I Hate Your Guts.”  Many people are put-off by Norton’s willingness to delve into the darkest parts of his life so openly, but I find him extremely funny and refreshing.  I don’t always agree with him politically, but I appreciate his honesty and his disdain for anyone who isn’t equally as forthright about their dark side.  In a world where pious and sanctimonious bulls–t is increasingly praised, we need more artists like Norton.

Having said all this, my favorite part of Norton’s comedy is his pathetic, creepy, deluded, and brain-damaged alter-ego Chip Chipperson.  Chipperson is a masterpiece of anti-comedy, the equal of anything Andy Kaufman or Sacha Baron Cohen has ever done, if not any character Phil Hendrie has conceived.  But many people, including some Norton fans, HATE Chip.  And I can’t blame them.  Seriously, Chip is THAT f–king annoying and repulsive.  But to appreciate Chip is to love him.  Jennifer Carmody interviewed Chip for her podcast and for Chip fans, this is pure, undiluted Chip at his finest … or worst … I realize it’s hard to tell the difference.

If you’re even remotely sensitive, please don’t listen to this.  The language is beyond not safe for work.  The first 2/3 of this are gold.  However, in the last 1/3, Norton goes into some of his other disturbing alter-egos and while funny, is uneven and isn’t quite as good as the first 2/3.  But if you’re a fan of anti-comedy, strap in.

“Tranvestite Hooker Incident” – Doug Stanhope


I’ve always had a strong stomach when it comes to “controversial” material from comedians. But Stanhope is literally the only one that has made me shake my head repeatedly saying “My God, that’s so WRONG!” … Of course, while laughing harder than I’ve ever laughed in my life.

The great thing about Stanhope isn’t that he says shocking things … but that he says them so casually and effortlessly. He’s one of the few comedians who probably has actually lived all of the embarrassing, brain and soul searing things he’s ever talked about.

This is the infamous “Tranvestite Hooker Incident” monologue from the superb (and rightfully titled) “Sicko” album. Hysterically funny and shocking stuff, but definitely not safe for work or little ones. Seriously, even if you think you can handle strong material, this is probably beyond your limits. Hopefully, you’ll be laughing too much to care.  Key line:  “YOU stood in line to …  And where’s my $7.50?!?”  Ah… if you dare to listen, you’ll understand.  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya …

Doug Stanhope on Artists “Dying too Young”


From Doug Stanhope’s unbelievably awesome comedy special “No Refunds” from 2007 is his take on artists who people think died too young. Stanhope’s comments on Jimi Hendrix and Lenny Bruce may seem sacrilegious … but it doesn’t make them any less true. Not safe for work or little ones by any stretch of the imagination.