“Watching the Wheels” – John Lennon


I am not one of those people who buy into the myth of Lennon’s “Double Fantasy” album, that Lennon was this contented househusband between the years of 1975 and 1980. However, I don’t completely buy into Albert Goldman’s contradictory picture of Lennon being a pathetic drug addict during this same time frame. I’m fairly certain the truth is somewhere between Lennon’s rosy picture and Goldman’s ugly one. However, whatever the case, “Watching the Wheels” is such a great song that it makes me want to believe Lennon’s rosier portrayal, that his withdrawal during those years was one of choice.

“I’m Losing You” – John Lennon and Cheap Trick

Why oh why, wasn’t this the track used on “Double Fantasy”? Lennon … plus the best (and most underrated) hard rock band of the 1970s? This is so much better than the version that wound up on the album. An edgier, grittier, and harder rockin’ version of an already great song.