“The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)” – Joe Tex

Not to be confused with the Jackson 5 hit of the same name, this is a wonderful R&B ballad by Joe Tex from 1966 that was resurrected by the Quentin Tarantino half of 2007’s “Grindhouse” (“Death Proof”).   While “Death Proof” was not the strongest Tarantino film (though it does have its charms), the soundtrack (as always for a Tarantino film) is pretty awesome.

“It’s So Easy” – Willy DeVille


Seriously, aside from Martin Scorsese and Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino has the best taste in pop music of any living director. Who else but QT would remember (and use) this stellar rocker that was first heard in director William Friedkin’s notorious (and underrated) gay slasher film “Cruising”? Anyway, the song was impossible to find for years, but is now easily available on the “Death Proof” soundtrack. Thanks, Quentin for not only your great taste in music, but for making so much of it available on your soundtracks.