“Waiting” by Man Fighting Bear (2015)

Man Fighting Bear is a hard band to categorize.  In many of the songs on their 2015 album “Waiting,” you hear the influence of artists as diverse as Joy Division, Deep Purple, Brian Eno, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, King Crimson, the Rotary Connection and Leonard Cohen, sometimes within the same song.  But the one band that comes to mind the most when I hear “Waiting” is the Velvet Underground, especially the legendary post-John Cale concerts they recorded at the Matrix in San Francisco that eventually were released as the classic “1969 Velvet Underground Live” album in 1974.

“Waiting” is one of those wonderfully cool albums where you can never tell where the band is going to go next.  For example, the song “Into the Light” starts off as a beautiful Leonard Cohen-inspired hymn and then, approximately 2-minutes in, a wonderfully dirty-sounding organ kicks the church door open like a drunken interloper, though its inclusion is actually more seamless and organic than the opening shock would indicate.   And this is why the Velvets come to mind: Man Fighting Bear blend the sacred with the profane brilliantly to produce a complex sound full of sonic surprises.

Another standout track is “Jupiter” which starts out sounding like a loose, funky Booker T. and the MG homage and then segues into a wonderfully transcendent organ driven-jam that sounds like, yes you guessed it, the climax of the Velvet’s amazing “What Goes On” and “Ocean”  from the “1969 Velvet Underground Live” album.

“Breathe” sounds like Brian Eno producing a Nick Cave cover of a Joy Division song, which is musical heaven by any stretch of my imagination:

If you want to hear the rest of the album, please check it out at the link below and more importantly, if you dig what you hear, you are strongly encouraged to purchase this from iTunes or Amazon.


This is a stand-out album that is eccentric in the best sense of the word.  It’s music like this that inspired me to start not only my blog, but Dave’s Strange Radio.  Many kudos to Bill Beach, Chris Beach, and Erik Fagrelius for one of my favorite albums of this year.

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Dave’s Strange Radio is now back on the air … bigger and badder than ever!

Dave’s Strange Radio is officially back on the air.  When I thought about creating an internet radio station, for a split second I thought about ways I could try to appeal to more people … only playing certain songs or bands that would appeal to a certain demographic. I thought how the station could make money, etc. And once I started going down that road, it was no longer any fun for me. If I’m going to devote time and heart to this, this was going to be a labor of love if there ever was one.

I decided my role model would be comedian Andy Kaufman when he created his Carnegie Hall Show in 1979. He basically made this show everything he ever wanted to see in a live show and as weird or incongruous it may have been, he freakin’ did it the way he wanted and let everyone else catch up. And that’s what I wanted to do with Dave’s Strange Radio.

The station is an extremely broad mix of garage punk, classic rock, prog rock, soul, hip-hop, comedy, folk, and all kinds of weirdness in between and outside the margins. While the material on Dave’s Strange Radio may not appeal to everybody, it’s all stuff that’s been personally selected by yours truly and is all stuff that I love and enjoy immensely. The station will evolve over time and more stuff will be added. However so far, there’s nearly 7 days worth of material that you can listen to without a repeat…

Please let me know what you think … or if you have trouble tuning in …

Without further ado … here we go …