“Dirt” – Spider Heart

Just discovered this incredible new band today, Spider Heart from San Francisco.  They could best be described as a cross between early Wire, the Stooges, Jane’s Addiction, Black Sabbath, and the Nymphs.  But even that description falls far short.  There are few bands that can be described as true originals and Spider Heart is one of them.   Lead singer May Black has been described as a cross between Iggy Pop and Janis Joplin and damn if that’s not an accurate assessment.  Except I would also throw Inger Lorre, Courtney Love, and Darby Crash into that mix.  This is authentically dangerous and thrilling music and if you like what you hear, do yourself a favor and check out their awesome EP “Dirt” available on iTunes and Google Play.  And of course, you can also enjoy them on Dave’s Strange Radio!

“Lexicon Devil” – The Germs


One of the Germs’ earliest and best singles. Much better than the admittedly decent version that later appeared on the classic Joan Jett-produced Germs’ debut album “GI,” you can actually make out lead singer Darby Crash’s lyrics on this one. Contains one of my all-time favorite lyrics: “Let’s give this established joke a shove!” Yes, indeed.

“Sugar Sugar” – The Germs


From one of the Germs’ first live performances (if not, their first live performance ever) at LA’s Whiskey-a-Go-Go in 1977, comes a cover of the Archies’ “Sugar Sugar” that needs to be heard to be believed. It’s the aural equivalent of a slow-motion car accident. Please know that they did get a LOT better as a band, but this is still worth hearing. This may be the worst thing you’ll ever hear, but I guarantee you won’t forget it. Lead singer Darby Crash inserts lots of bad language into this one, so not safe for work.

Trivia note: Belinda Carlisle was briefly a member of the Germs before they made their live debut.