“Kick My A–” Paul Shaffer as Artie Fufkin in “This is Spinal Tap” (1984) dir. Rob Reiner

One of my favorite bits from “This is Spinal Tap,” this is Paul Shaffer as the unctuous and inept Polymer Records promotions man Artie Fufkin.  What’s great about this scene is that Fufkin won’t allow the band the dignity of being angry with him after a screw-up.  He literally throws his own dignity on the mat and stomps on it himself.

By the way, this is something I’ve been dying to do for years when offering an insincere apology, but don’t have the balls to do it, lest anyone literally take me up on my offer … or not know what the hell I’m referencing.

“Best Worst Movie” (2009) dir. Michael Stephenson

“Best Worst Movie” is a truly funny and charming documentary about the cult following of “Troll 2,” considered by many to be the worst movie ever made.  The focus of the film is George Hardy, an Alabama dentist who was the star of “Troll 2” (made back in 1990) and features him relishing his newfound cult fame at fan screenings and other events.   On one level, this looks like a Christopher Guest-directed mockumentary about delusional show-biz wannabes (the director Claudio Fragasso is DEFINITELY in this category).   However, Hardy comes across as such a sweet, endearing person, that you feel his joy as hundreds of people applaud for him like he’s Brad Pitt and, being high on this success, feel his pain when he attends a horror convention and people don’t seem to care about him or the film he was in.  “Best Worst Movie” is a great example of the pleasures and pitfalls of being a “geek celebrity,” when you’re famous for doing something considered freakish.  It’s also one of the nicest, non-cliched portrayals of Southerners I’ve ever seen.