“Butterfly” – Weezer


The closing song from Weezer’s now-classic 1996 album “Pinkerton.” This is the song that brings the entire album into perspective, because the title of the album comes from the name of the character in Giacomo Puccini’s “Madame Butterfly” (BF Pinkerton) who seduces and abandons the tragic heroine of the famous opera. Weezer lead singer Rivers Cuomo felt the character in Puccini’s opera is an “a–hole American sailor similar to a touring rock star” and was “the perfect symbol for the part of myself that I am trying to come to terms with on this album.”

The song is a confession to a woman the song’s protagonist has seduced and abandoned. He tries to explain why he did what he did. The explanation may not be satisfactory, but it seems like an honest explanation by someone who is not sure of why he feels the need to follow a physical want without understanding the consequences such actions can bring. Granted, this is cold comfort to the woman who has been dumped. But sadly … the reasons why people do certain things don’t always have a satisfactory explanation, because those reasons are sometimes more complex than what can be put into words.

A frustrating but brilliant portrayal of a person who feels genuine sadness over his actions, even though he’s not quite sure of the reasons why.