“Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun” – The Beastie Boys


Here’s one of the better tracks from the still-groundbreaking 1989 album “Paul’s Boutique.” Any song that manages to cross-mingle Ocean’s “Put Your Hand in the Hand” and Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen” and make such a combo sound positively heavy is a great song in my book. Later covered by Anthrax on the 1993 “Beavis and Butthead Experience” album.

“Got the Time” – Anthrax


Here’s a deceptively unusual cover: thrash-metal legends covering New Wave king Joe Jackson’s speedy “Got the Time.” Anthrax does a damn good job on this one. I remember loving this 20+ years ago and then forgetting about it. Thank you Sirius Ozzy’s Boneyard for reminding me.

“Bring the Noise” – Public Enemy and Anthrax

Public Enemy teams with trash metal pioneers Anthrax for a slammin’ remake of PE’s “Bring the Noise” from 1991.  If your head isn’t bangin’ or your fist isn’t in the air while listening to this, you’re not alive.