“Walking on a Wire” – Richard and Linda Thompson (Live, 1982, Washington DC)

Here is what could only be described as an extremely rare live performance by Richard and Linda Thompson performing the shattering “Walking on a Wire” during a live tour in 1982. From the classic album “Shoot out the Lights,” this is a very heavy song about a relationship on the ropes. Perversely, this was likely written during a time of trouble between the Thompsons, as they divorced soon after this album was released. Of course, the Thompsons have consistently denied any connection between “Shoot out the Lights” and the end of their marriage. Just like Woody Allen’s acidic 1992 film “Husbands and Wives” in NO way reflected Allen’s and Mia Farrow’s relationship issues.

In any case, a truly marvelous performance and watching Richard work that guitar during the stunning solo near the end of the song is always a jaw-dropping experience.

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