Opening Credits to “Se7en” (1995) dir. David Fincher, scr. Andrew Kevin Walker

This legendary and infamous opening credit sequence to director David Fincher’s classic serial murder thriller “Se7en” may not seem particularly innovative in 2003. But in the fall of 1995, this completely blew we away (and I must say, still does to this day). This credit sequence told you all you needed to know about how different this film would be from all other detective / serial killer films before it.

“Se7en” is one of the most influential pieces of pop culture in the past twenty years. However, most of its impact has arguably been on TV. Without it, we would never have had shows like “CSI” and “Dexter,” or even “24” and “House.”  I distinctly remember seeing this credit sequence on a huge screen with booming digital sound that was so bass heavy I felt it in my bowels.

Extremely creeping and unnerving. Probably not safe for work. Major credit should be given to Harris Savides, who shot the sequence, and Angus Wall who edited it.  The music is remix of Nine Inch Nails’ classic “Closer” by the band Coil.

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