Happy Birthday Dave’s Strange Radio!


Dave’s Strange Radio celebrates its 1st birthday today.  A very heartfelt thanks to everyone who has tuned in and supported us during the past year. The best is yet to come. Stay tuned…

What is Dave’s Strange Radio?  Why it’s the greatest radio station in the world.  It’s a mix of garage punk, hardcore, classic rock, alternative, prog rock, folk, outlaw country, soul, and all kinds of weirdness in between and outside the margins. From the Rolling Stones to Roxy Music, from Iggy to Ike & Tina, from Brian Eno to the Butthole Surfers, from the Doors to the Devil Dogs, from the New York Dolls to the New Bomb Turks, we’ve got you covered. Warning: some of the material is not work or family friendly.

You can enjoy Dave’s Strange Radio in many ways …

At our official homebase: http://www.davesstrangeradio.com

You can also find us in the following places:

iTunes Web: You can find us in iTunes as an official iTunes radio station. When you open iTunes, go to Music, then Internet. You can find us under the Eclectic subheading.

TuneIn Radio: You can find us at the following link through TuneIn Radio:


iPhone/iPad/Android phone/Kindle Fire: The best way to experience Dave’s Strange Radio on your mobile device is through the free TuneIn Radio app. Just type in “Dave’s Strange Radio” into the search engine and then select the heart to add us to your favorites. Here you can get album art, as well as links to purchase the song you’re listening to. You can also access us through the free SHOUTCast app (though not on the Kindle Fire).

Apple TV: We are an official station on iTunes radio that you can stream through your Apple TV box. Find us in the Eclectic section under “Dave’s Strange Radio”.

Roku: You can enjoy Dave’s Strange Radio either through the free TuneIn Radio app or through the free SHOUTCast app.

vTuner:  We are an official vTuner radio station.  If you have this app on your audio receiver, smart TV, car stereo, game console, or tablet, please tune us in and let us know how we’re sounding!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter: @DStrangeRadio

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